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PowerPoint Pizzazz with Producer

Everybody has PowerPoint, right? And at some point every teacher asks students to use PP to create some sort of project. The problem is that PP is so limited…students create a projects that all happen to look about the same and follow the same linear pathway that every other PP does. What can be done to make it more useful, or require students to think a bit deeper about the projects they’re working on?

Microsoft Producer is an add-on that allows you to combine video, audio, and web elements to enhance a PP presentation. In addition, Producer makes it easy to publish what you’ve created to a usable format anyone can view.

To see what Producer can do, look at this sample.

“Big deal.” you might say. “Why would I bother doing this with my class?” Well, let’s think about the majority of PP presentations most kids complete for class assignments. How many of the slides actually contain complete sentences? What PP presentations are meant to do is enhance what a presenter might be talking about in a meeting or conference session, not offer complete thoughts. A PP presentation by itself offers no depth, no insight, no explanation. Producer allows that insight to be added to the project. For more about using PP effectively, see Scoring Power Points.

So are you interested in learning to use MS Producer? Lucky for you BCISD is hosting an afternoon workshop on June 16 from 12:30 – 3:30. To register, call Jo @ 269-471-7725. Cost is $25.


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