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NECC Blogging Session 4

Celebrating a Decade of the Web in the Classroom

Andy Carvin

This panel discussion started a little slowly since the moderator talked for almost the first 15 minutes of the session. That left the panelist very little time to give their quick talks and only 10 minutes left for questions.

What I left this session with was a feeling that the panelists were very Doom & Gloom. Basically the message seemed to be that the web is now offering almost limitless opportunities to communicate and collaborate with anyone/everyone around the world. That’s great…and they talked a little about some of the projects they were working on back in the day. Very enlightening.

However the D & G came into play when they started saying that educators aren’t doing enough now to take advantage of their opportunities to connect with other people. I guess I don’t need to elaborate that message, but I was hoping they would instead focus on the great things that are going on and educators are working on and achieving in the classroom. More importantly, and what I hoped they would talk more about, is what types of technology is coming down the pike. But they didn’t.


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