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NECC Blogging Session 5

Moodle An open source alternative for online learning

Tim Williams


At this high school, they’re using Moodle etc. They has scheduled time in a classroom with a virtual teacher…basically a scheduled time for them all to work together.

The question I hope he answers is how they address student access…or perhaps how they handled it in the first place when things weren’t being pushed so heavily.

Virtual + Traditional = Virditional

Wo we’re spending some time going through the types of modules that are available in Moodle. I originally I thought he was wasting his time, but there were a lot fewer people who were using Moodle than I thought there were, so maybe we need to go through them so that folks know what’s going on.

Alright, off we go…

“We’re a Netware Shop.” Who refers to their school tech department as a shop? Where are the cars up on lifts?

Look into the Hot Potatoes module for quizzing as well as the MyPHP module etc.

You must find out how to begin a Glossary!!


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