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NECC Blogging Session 6

iPods in Foreign Language

Ginger Jewell

Man, this is a full session…I’m sitting on the floor behind some chairs. I can’t see anything at all except the back of the chairs in front of me. But I can still hear…

This gal is a member of COSN and on the emerging technology committee. Clarke County School District Athens, Georgia.

She’s starting off talking about how they go through a process of getting cash…I guess since they have a good process and are working out what they were going to do with the technology before they buy it then they can justify buying iPods, which may seem like a frivolous expense…a toy, something to play with.

Since this session is geared toward foreign language, she’s encouraging everyone to look at more resources than just content area journals

There’s a good list of what schools do with dead horses. Instead of getting a new horse, educators

  • Change riders
  • Get a committee to study the dead horse
  • Get a stronger whip
  • “This is the way we’ve always done it.”

There are more, but I can’t see them…

Using this new technology will cause people to rewrite the curriculum. You can’t keep doing the same things you have been doing except doing them with the technology. That’s worthless.

They ready incorporated the ipods in the curriculum…the curriculum seems to be something they followed to the letter and when they were on standard x, benchmark y, they had specific activities and assessments that they used the ipods for.

There had to be only one machine that they could connect the ipods to, which was an initial challenge. They used SMARTBoards because they natively capture audio as you’re writing on the board.

Sounds like kids basically had to FTP their audio recordings up to the server so that the teacher could hear them. They couldn’t attach the files because the file size was too large.

They also used the blue clickers for something…hmmmm.

They had a real hard time getting teachers to use the ipods effectively. Teachers needed, but didn’t receive, structured training on how to use them. Establishing protocols and procedures was lacking.


  • Ebooks
  • Song lyrics
  • Vocabulary
  • Class discussions

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