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NECC Blogging Session 7

Educator’s Guide to Blogs In (and Out of) the Classroom

Erica Brownstein, Anne Callahan, Mellisa Streng, Lindsay Dexter

Capital University, Columbus, OH

Robert Klein, Ohio University

I got seated early for this one…I wanted to make sure I had a chair this time. I have a headache…I’m not sure if I was getting a little dehydrated since the 5K run this morning or if it’s caffeine related or what. Anyway I took four Advil and hopefully that will take care of the problem by the time this session is over.

I had a great Philly Cheese Steak across the street at the Reading Center Market as well as a luscious piece of chocolate cake at the Amish Bakery. Those Amish make good cake! Maybe my headache is a sugar rush, but I’ve not had that sort of reaction to sugar before.

Alright, done rambling. The presenters have their presentation copyrighted…is that really necessary? The session is packed, so glad I was here half an hour ago…

Beginning with Reader’s Theater…excerpts from student blogs, some good examples and some not so good, at least not based around curriculum.

Oh, someone said that blogs were online Journals, Will Richardson is flipping out about now.

  • Diary/journal
  • News(letter)
  • Opinions
  • Filters
  • Links
  • Native to the web

Blogs are about community and self expression, but education has been slow to embrance. Why? (I bet I know)

Let’s take a lot at some examples…

By Christina Runkles…can’t see the web address…”Blog Away on a Paperless Journal”

By Mr. Lenhart http://physicisms.blogspot.com not sure about the site

By Mr. Mueller “Skyview 8th Grade honors” The students involved in this blog were supposed to post about what they felt about 5 books they were reading over the year. Students were also asked to comment on what other students had posted.


Use of Blogs


  • Constructing
  • Argument
  • Commentary
  • Chronology
  • Extension
  • Resources
  • Writing


  • Scaffolding
  • Community
  • Peer to Peer
  • Voice to all


  • Reflecting
  • Teaching Group
  • Perspectives

What about security and other issues?



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