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CNN.com – Design for learning – Aug 12, 2005

Seems like there’s always someone coming up with a new idea, or sometimes it’s a recycled old idea, for restructuring the shape of classrooms and school buildings. This article talks about how a growing trend is to design buildings with open-office spaces in which students work and collaborate on projects…a mini-workspace that simulates what they might see as professionals because, as the article states, they’re goal is “To prepare students for an evolving information-based society.” That was an interesting quote that reminded me of what it seems everyone has been reading over the last 6-12 months, The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman.

There is actually a principal who is asking all parents to read The World is Flat before the school’s open house because he’s going to be referring to a lot of what the book talks about and how his school is going to begin addressing some of the needs it outlines. Wow, he’s right on top of things.

But back to the office space idea…is this worth pursuing? With the 1-to-1 technology available in the county, how do-able is it?


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