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Doing the same thing…

Last night was my second night attending the Intro to Ed Leadership class I’m taking this semester…one of the things the professor mentioned was the cyclical nature of educational initiatives. How many times has something “new” come down the pike only for some veteran teacher to tell everyone that they tried the same thing 15 years ago?

We’ve been doing the same things in education for the last 50 years (perhaps longer), said my prof, except in one area: the internet. He was using the term internet as a general technology term, but we got the point. The internet has changed the way teachers teach.

But have we changed the way we use the internet? We’ve been using the internet in schools for 10 years. But technology-years are like dog-years…every 1 year on the calendar equals 5 years for technology. It’s that accelerated. So that means we’ve been using the internet and other newer technologies for 50 technology-years. What’s changed?

Next week (September 22) we’re hosting a Technology Teachers Resource Meeting where we’ll highlight a lot of new technologies and tools for teachers to use…most of which are even free…but somehow it’s to no avail if all we’re doing is telling kids to go to this site and find the answer to 10 questions. That’s what we did 10 years ago.


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