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For now I’m emailing this to our technology teachers list, but maybe they’ll all show up here one day too. We’ll see…

It’s on the handout, but I’d like to highlight Google Earth. This little program is a delight to use and an incredible resource for any social studies teacher.

Google Earth is fun, but not available for Macs…you might want to check out Google Sightseeing, a site that uses Google Maps to visit some famous (and some not so famous) places around the globe.

Do you take a lot of digital pictures in your class? Use Flickr to store and share your photos with the world…or just a select bit of it. It’s free!

Use Create a Graph to…well…create a graph online. You input the data, add labels, choose the style, and bingo! a new, full color graph. You can download the graph, print it, or email it to yourself once you’re finished.

Have you every found a web page you wanted to write on the board only to have the web address be 50+ characters long? What are the chances your students will type that correctly. Instead use TinyURL to create a new, much shorter address.

That’s all for this week…have a great one.


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