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Weekly Web Wonders
If I had known I would make so many people so happy I would have sent a weekly email years ago! 🙂

WondersUse PowerPoint much? PowerPoint Principles for Education outlines some useful tips on using PowerPoint as a learning tool (yippee!), instead of a business presentation tool (ho-hum…).

Wonders Need some help with advanced features in PowerPoint? This page has lots of tutorials as well as links to PP templates for Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, and more!

WondersI know that last week I was stuck on Google Earth and Google Maps…well here’s another site that uses Google technology…FlashEarth. Or how about Google Moon?

WondersI just ran across AntWeb this morning…it’s another great use of, what else? Google Earth. Science teachers that teach invertebrates, diversity, adaptations, insects…this is so cool! I’ll eventually lay off the Google Earth stuff…eventually. 😉

WondersA wiki is an online web page that anyone can edit…Wikipedia is a encyclopedia that allows any visitor to edit its over 700,000 articles. Sound scary? Well take a look at this lesson plan before you rush to judgement.


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