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Do you take a lot of digital pictures in your classroom? Share them with the world using flickr. Flickr is an online management tool for sharing and organizing photos. Concerned about privacy? You can set privacy levels to decide who can and who cannot view them. Oh yeah…free, of course.

When you use the Internet for research, how do you know the information you find is accurate? Use the The A B C Ds of Evaluating Internet Resources as a guide for both you and your students.

Use Pics4Learning as your source of free, copyright friendly images for web pages, presentations, or any other school-related projects.

think again! is a math blog that posts math puzzles and tricks on an almost daily basis. It’s good exposure to how a blog can be used as a classroom tool.

Trying to keep track of web pages…even if the link goes “dead?” Furl is a free site that saves copies of the web pages you add to your account. It’s like making bookmarks in your browser, but extends that idea by actually keeping a copy of the web page…so if it changes or moves or disappears, you’ll still have a copy of it in Furl.

Watch your kids closely today, there’s a full moon!


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  1. Along the lines of the daily math blog, I recently found a project that I’m going to have my students do over at Mr. Tubbs site.


    He has the students create Mystery countries and then post for other students to guess. I thought it was a great idea to integrate the idea of jigsaws and blogs.

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