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Technology and Leadership

Every Monday evening I attend a lovely Intro to Ed Leadership class at WMU. Besides sitting around listening to each other daily stories (did I mention it was on Mondays?) we actually do discuss leadership issues.

When I consider leadership I’m looking through the lenses of technology (10x digital zoom). How can technology enhance leadership? How can leaders help teachers utilize technology? What new technologies will positively affect students and how can leaders make sure students have access to them? If teachers aren’t using technology effectively (or at all) is it the fault of the leader?

The National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators identify six standards for school leaders:

  • Leadership and Vision
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Productivity and Professional Practice
  • Support, Management, and Operations
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues

Can “good” school leaders ignore these standards? How important is technology to school leadership? Is it simply one more thing or is it an essential element of their position? There are few who would argue against the use of technology by teachers and students. The majority recognizes the opportunities that technology opens up to the learning process and school leaders encourage/require their teachers to infuse technology into their lessons. Who, however, is holding administrators accountable?

I noticed that there are nine question marks in the paragraphs above. Call me Socrates…I don’t have the answers just more questions.


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