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Weekly Web Wonders

Do your students ever work together on a paper or project. Writeboard is a free tool that allows multiple users to edit an online document…much like a wiki. Whoever creates the Writeboard can set a password so that only those invited can edit the document.

From the same publisher comes Ta -da…which is basically a to-do list that is online for you and others to view and “check off” together. Students working on a group project can create a list of tasks to complete, then check them off as each is completed.

Here’s some cool online science activities from the Exploratorium.

Alright, science teachers, check out the Science Toy Maker. It contains the designs and instructions for many science gadgets. Very fun and absolutely educational!

Make your own greeting cards quickly and easily with mycardmaker.

ThinkFree has created three, FREE online applications that let you create Microsoft Office-compatible documents, spreadsheets, and presentations …plus 30 MB of free storage space. Holy online office, Batman!

YouSendIt lets you send large files over the web. Students can use it to transfer large files they’re working on between home and school. You can use it to send large files to your colleagues without the headache of large email attachments.


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  1. Hey Kevin,

    Much like Writeboard, I’ve been using the online word processor Writely at http://www.writely.com. It is very powerful with its transfer of documents between Word, online and PDF formats as well.

    We use this for a fun game we play somewhat asynchronously… (I call it the Dirk and Shelia game because we always use those names to start.) We invite a couple of people to “collaborate” on our story, each logging in whenever they feel like, invited to add a sentence or two at the bottom of the story.

    It keeps things going in a strange new direction, almost always funny…


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