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Blogs as Teacher Web Pages

Yesterday I spent my time at an elementary school helping teachers set up WordPress blogs. Previously they had created tradtional web pages using Claris Homepage, but when that bit the dust they didn’t have much by way of support or options.

It’s an overwhelming time of time of the year for learning something new, but I thought they did very well. What impressed many of them the most was the ease of use that WordPress offers. If nothing else, they could remember these three steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Write Post
  3. Publish

Once they figured out how quickly they could get content up on the web they were pretty pleased.  In addition, the fact that they could access their blog from anywhere…that made a huge difference for them.
Side note: What’s the deal with IE for Macs and Safari? They simply won’t display the toolbar buttons for the online editor tool inside WordPress (or Moodle for that matter). Many thanks to the tech who loaded Firefox on all the teachers’ machines. Firefox works like a dream.


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