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Weekly Web Wonders

Weekly Web Wonders

  • Weekly Web Wonders Can’t get enough of Google Maps…use these GeoTools to find location, altitude, distance and more for any place around the world.
  • Weekly Web Wonders What’s better than Legos for creativity? Check out Lego Factory…download the free Lego Digital Designer software, design your own whatever, and then they’ll send you all those pieces in a box for you to build your own design. OK, so your students aren’t going to order all those sets, use the design software as is.
  • Weekly Web Wonders Jotspot Tracker is an online spreadsheet that you and those you invite can share and edit. It’s basically a wiki spreadsheet. Copy and paste your Excel spreadsheets right into Jotspot Tracker. Perfect for student collaboration! Free, of course.
  • Weekly Web Wonders Use Tools & Templates from Education World for certificates, flyers, signs, graphic organizers, and more.
  • Weekly Web Wonders Many students use online resources to check for current events. How about hearing some Happy News instead of the same old tragedies, disasters, and afflications.

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