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Weekly Web Wonders

Weekly Web Wonders
Last issue until the New Year…Merry Christmas and have a great break!

  • I’ve never seen the show NUMB3RS on CBS, but it’s a crime show where math is used to solve the mysteries. Texas Instruments and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics have developed weekly activities coinciding with each episode. Cool math application!
  • Use Teaching Boxes for all-in-one science teaching units. Several topics available now with more one the way.
  • ASPIRE is an interactive science site that provides free, hands-on labs, lessons, quizzes, ask a scientist, and more.
  • Listen to poets read their own works at Poetry Archive. Includes sections for teachers and students with lessons and activities.
  • This is a cool site I just ran across. You can create your own audio and share it with anyone online with Odeo. Just record through your web browser. Read poetry or essays, homework hints, whatever.
  • No WWWs is complete without a Google Mapping site…and ’tis the season for this one.  Package Mapper shows you a map of your FedEx, UPS, USPS package routes.  Just put in your tracking number.

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