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Something to Think About

I’m blogging this using a Firefox extention called Performancing, which lets me bring up an editor window with one click on the keyboard…so I’m partly motivated to write this because I want to see how this extension behaves.

Another reason I’m blogging is so that I don’t to lose track of this idea which comes from The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. I think it’s important and want somewhere to “keep” it. The idea is that there are four types of people who will survive in the coming future: Special, Specialized, Adaptive, and Anchored. Most people can’t be special (movie stars, sports heros, etc.) and with the immense amount of information available to the public today it’s harder to be specialized (anyone can look up what you know). There were always be the need for people who are anchored to the community (police, teachers, services), but what educators can do is to try to get students to fall into the Adaptive group. This bunch of people can learn, change, and grow with the times…they’re not holding on to past knowledge but able to grasp and complete the new set of tasks, whatever those may be.

I took some of that from the book and some from David Warlick’s blog, 2 Cents Worth.


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