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REMC Instructional Technology Specialists

Today I’m over at Ingham ISD attending a meeting of ISD level technology specialists from around the state. We get together about three times a year to connect with each other and hear what types of technology activities are going on around the state. Several items up for discussion/sharing today:

  • Eighth Grade Technology Literacy Requirements
    There is a tech lit component to No Child Left Behind that should be addressed by local districts. Schools are required to report the progress of 8th grade student achievement of technology literacy. Find more information about Michigan Educational Technology Standards (METS) and Technology Literacy Resources. Assessment questions are being developed by a state-wide group of technology specialists and will be available in February.
  • Classroom Blogging
    Jim Wenzloff and Chris Burnett discussed Chris’ use of blogging in her 8th grade classroom. Her blog, The Clem, features student writings as well as some classroom information from Mrs. Burnett. She uses software set up by Jim from Alan November.
  • Online Tools
    Dan Ireland, Anne Thorpe, and Andy Mann from Ottawa Area ISD shared the tools they are using with the teachers in their area. They have set up servers for blogging, creating web pages, hosting online classes,
  • Lastly, we looked at Study Island, an online tool for practicing MEAP items. Study Island provides lessons, tutorials, examples, and lots or reports for districts to really take a hard look at what they need to focus on in MEAP preparation.

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