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Moving to Cyberspace

Tonight I’m working with a group of “new” teachers…teachers that have been newly hired in our local districts and are required to participate in a certain amount of professional development.

We’re going to be setting up Moodle course sites at BCISD Online Learning. There are a lot of ways Moodle can enhance what is already happening in the classroom…

* Use the Social format to create a blog-like announcement board or assignment log.
* Create topic sections for each subject your students are studying. Topics can include..

  • Instructions or details regarding an in-class assignment
  • Links to topic-focused web pages
  • Web pages created by the instructor to guide web activities (hotlists, treasure hunts, webquests)
  • Links to PowerPoint, Word, or other files normally printed for students

* Extend discussions by creating forums to discuss questions started in the classroom.
* Begin new discussions by posting new forum topics exclusively online.
* Collect student assignments online…students can upload assignment files or complete online “worksheets.”
* Use collaboration tools such as wikis to assist students to organize and work on group projects.
* Assess student knowledge with online quizzes.

There’s more, of course, but that’s a pretty good list!


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