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Weekly Web Wonders

  • The Associated Press is using Google Maps to connect news stories to where they occur. Good connection to current events activities.
  • Thumbstacks is a new site that lets you create and share a PowerPoint-like presentation completely online. Worth checking out.
  • iRows is another web site that allows users to create and share spreadsheet information online. A great way to share data with another class.
  • Try Science has lots of online experiment simulations covering all areas of science as well as math and technology.
  • From the “Just Because” category…Here’s a picture of Albert Einstein writing on the chalkboard…I’m sure you’ve seen it before. However, on this page you can replace the chalkboard text with your own revelations.
  • Want to create your own web page? Google Page Creator allows you to create, edit, and publish web pages for free.

Here’s the page I just created…don’t laugh. http://gkevinclark.googlepages.com/ There are lots of templates to choose from and you can create multiple pages. In order to use Google Page Creator, you need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you must be invited to get one and I can invite you. If you want a Gmail account send an email to me. If you’re not going to use the invitation, please don’t request one! smiley.gif


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