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The Future of Blogs

Will Richardson is beginning his third of four sessions today…he’s going to be pooped out today! I just received his book on Tuesday…it looks good so I’m anxious to take a closer look at it.

Handouts to the presentation at http://webloggedlinks.pbwiki.com. The password (if you want to edit) is rww.

There are almost 14 million active bloggers…
1.2 million posts a day…

The vast majority of educators don’t know about blogs…certainly not RSS, wikis, podcasts etc. Not only don’t they know what they are, but then they don’t know what they could do with them with their students.

There are, however, voices of transformation…story of a student who was awestruck that his blog was being read in Shanghai, China. Quotes from ?, Ann Davis, Darren Kuropatwa, Konrad Glogowski.

The use of blogs is to teach kids to teach others…the content that they are absorbing. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence, but nothing quantitative. What are the benefits to blogging?

  • Motivation
    Paper is worthless, it goes in the trash when the year is over. Thinking of MySpace…kids are motivated to publish information
  • Writing Skills
    The audience has increased and kids are thinking more about what they’re writing and reflecting upon.
  • Reading Skills
    Writing begins with reading
  • Connective Learning
  • Learning by Community Building

Examples Sites:

Is the blog future bright? What’s going to happen with them? There are a lot of obstacles:

  • Fear (of Technology)
    Solution: Better teacher training (new and old)
  • Fear (Safety)
    Solution: Education specific tools
  • Fear (of Change)
    Solution: Small Steps (Read blogs)
  • Time
    Solution: ???
  • Lack of Research
    Solution: Research
  • Lack of Support
    Solution: Easy Tools and Hosting

So what is the future? Web publishing is not going away. If you have access, you can learning anything you want to learn.

Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)…Elgg, Moodle, others

Blogs might go away, but the idea behind blogs will not…

Whew! Good presentation, time for comments.


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