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The Tech Savvy Educator

Ben Rimes, a teacher at Countryside Charter Academy, is presenting this morning. I never knew he was so close, but that’s a kind of cool thing with online communities…you never know where people are. Lots of people in this somewhat strange room…I’d say about 50.

Ben runs The Tech Savvy Educator, a blog which he keeps up very well….

Here are some of the sites that tachers use as resources:

  • Teacher List Sites…
    Often times they’re out of date, lead to dead ends…but can be good because someone else has collected some links that may be userful to you.
  • Commercial Sites…
    Staffed by professionals, plenty of articles, materials and lesson plans, BUT they have corporate interests in mind, are removed from the classroom
  • Blogs…
    (Bionic Teacher) They can be hit or miss, sometimes the musings are too much to wade through for a teacher

What’s Ben trying to do?

  • Put posts up that are short
  • Stay on topic
  • Easy to find links
  • Teacher centered

Ben has a strong passion for creating content that is practical, not the theoretical ramblings that you might see on some sites, but something teachers can go out and use right away. Ben has archived his recent links onto a Jots page categorized with tags. (I need to take a look at this myself.) I also need to check out the forums.

Great job, Ben!


One Response

  1. I’m working on getting rid of excessive musing. 🙂

    I can ramble and I think at times the site is not just for others but is also for me so I can sort things out. Maybe I need to separate the two concepts.

    I do agree Ben does a great job. He’s a great guy.

    I did switch to another site and am now working with a partner. We’ll see how that goes.

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