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It’s not the Technology, but why are we still talking about it?

So my little post (Blogs won’t be here forever) from last week was mentioned by a couple of edubloggers…Will Richardson and Dan Mitchell. This intro sentence to Dan’s Teachnology Blog post (now I see he was really looking at Will’s post) initially struck me:

I know it seems self-evident to many of us, but this post on Weblogg-Ed may be important reading for some:

I know it’s important reading for some, but why? Even without the read/write web there have been plenty of educators saying things along the lines of “don’t use technology for the sake of using technology” and “students need to learn how to apply the technology…know when to use it, not just how to use it.” Why is it necessary to continue to preach along these same themes?

My guess is that the technology is changing too fast for educators to change the way they’re thinking about it. Many teachers are just now getting that the web is more than a giant encyclopedia and that they can design activities that go beyond Knowledge, Comprehension and Application and up to Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.


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