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Weekly Web Wonders

  • Using Google Earth you can see the location of earthquakes around the world as they happen.  It's hard to believe there's that many earthquakes occuring.  Download Earthquakes – USGS and open it up in Google Earth.
  • I'm sure many of you saw the article in last Friday's Herald Palladium about Matt Severin's class in Coloma talking with astronauts in the International  Space Station (ISS).  Use this Google Earth tool to track the position of the ISS as it orbits the earth.
  • Take your students Wayback to see how life was like "long ago."  This PBS site includes resources for teachers and parents.
  • Your math students aren't doing sudoku puzzles yet? 
    • With Web Sudoku you can work online or print billions of puzzles. 
    • Jigsawdoku lets you drag blocks in and out of the puzzle square.
    • SuDoku Excel is an Excel spreadsheet that lets you create your own sudoku puzzles.
  • Not planning to be in Turkey on March 29?  Well then you can watch the total solar eclipse live from San Francisco's Exploratorium museum.

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