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Filters aren’t a subsitute to paying attention…

Schools that get their Internet connectivity through the ISD, which is basically everyone in Berrien and Cass counties, know that we filter Internet content.  By and large the filter does a great job and even blocks many of the in appropriate images in Google’s Image search.

However, kids will find a way to get past the filters as is described in this article from CNET News.  As educators, we walk a fine line between wanting students to learn through questioning and exploration and needing to keep their web wanderings under control.  Given the opportunity, though, they will find inappropriate sites which only emphasizes that teacher must continue to monitor the online efforts of their students.

Sometimes it’s as easy as creating activities such as WebQuests or Hotlists that discourage them from surfing around on search engines.  However, there is no substitute for simply paying attention…being visible and engaged in what students are up to.  It’s not necessarily that they’re not trustworthy…sometimes the temptations to keep clicking are too great.  Teachers…let your students know you’re there watching them!


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