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Getting Ready for NECC

I spent some time this morning looking at the Concurrent Sessions at NECC 2006 being held in San Diego July 4-7. Why is it that there are slots where there's 4 sessions I want to attend and some where there are none? Oh well.  I plan on leading some podcasting workshops this fall so that's one topic I'm trying to focus on at NECC, the largest educational technology conference in the country. There are several session choices, here are the ones I'm going to look into:

There are also a number of sessions featuring Moodle, the open source software that runs our BCISD Online Learning site for online classes.

It's a long way to San Diego and I know many people can't go…as soon as the handouts are posted I'll pass that information on so you don't have to search around for them.


3 Responses

  1. Kevin,

    Hope to run into at NECC. I’m also interested in podcasting and want to start a project with it next Fall. I hope we get a chance to talk.


  2. Same here, Jim. NECC is so big, but it’s funny how often you run into people you know, so I’m sure I’ll see you…at the MACUL reception perhaps? Have a safe trip!

  3. See you in San Diego…Join our Fllickr Group:


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