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Telling the New Story: Promoting Visions for 21st Century Classrooms

Telling the New Story: Promoting Visions for 21st Century Classrooms

I’m taking a suggestion I think came from David Warlick and typing in Word so I can take advantage of the editing tools and quick spell check. In addition, I won’t be in trouble if I lose connectivity. Happy to say that I got connected right away, but sometimes it’s hard to know how long that will last.

I subscribe to David Warlick’s feed and enjoy a lot of the ideas he has. He’s fun to listen to and is one of the current movers and shakers in information literacy, using web tools, and figuring out what skills today’s students need to possess in order to “make it out there.” He has his handouts online on a wiki: http://davidwarlick.com/wiki-warlick/index.php?title=Telling_the_New_Story

We’re watching a video…an elephant is walking across a gym and comes to a trampoline. He gets on and begins jumping…higher and higher…to the roof…back flip…double…add a twist. David’s’ question is “can we teach education to do this?” Something so different to what the education system is doing now. How can things change? A miracle, he says.

Intro remarks…OK we’re ready to go.

An early prediction by his teacher…”By the year 2000, we will all have our own computer!” (that will add subtract, multiply, and divide. )

The fact is that we can’t predict what’s coming up in 5 years…we can’t clearly describe the future.

Jennifer James on leadership:

  • Being Master
  • Being Creative
  • Telling a compelling new story
    This is the type of leader who will change education.

Compelling stories must…fit the marketplace
McDonald’s has picture cash registers…so what? How can anyone make that much change in the day? No one can! So they had to make something different. Some info from The World is Flat.

The question we have been asking is “Why are we outsourcing?” but needs to be “What do our kids need to know in order to join this global supply chain?”

Richard Florida says…we’re going to lose manufacturing jobs and gain science and engineering, but not enough to offset the loss. There will also be more creative jobs.

David’s son is plugged in…we see technology, but he sees the information, the story that’s being told. The technology is used to tell a new story.

Compelling stories must…resonant with our values
What do kids value? Information!

There’s a lot of talk about video gaming and what types of skills are in the classroom. How can we tap into those kids?

  • They’re more competitive, risk taking and sociable. They’re very good collaborative and self-confident

The new story must be something we can model.

Suggests that teachers/supervisors should be the strategy guide instead of the level boss. Teachers have to motivate students to get to the next “level.”

Where were we going to have 1 billion questions answered before Google? We’re asking more questions now!

Take a look at The Long Tail. Anyone can make their voice heard because it’s so easy to publish content.

Comments later…

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