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Asking the Right Questions

Thoughts from NECC…

Yesterday in David Warlick’s Telling the New Story presentation he said that we’re asking the wrong question…instead of “Why are all our jobs being outsourced?” We should be asking, “What do our students need to know in order to join this global supply chain?”

The first question is from a whiney 7 year old who doesn’t like the way the rules have changed and is about to go home. The reality is, however, that there is a neighborhood of other kids who are happy to play by the new rules so if one or two complain and go home, who cares? They’ll still have fun with everyone else and the kids going home will lose friends.

The second question at least is one which educators should be willing to try to answer. Is it important for students to memorize X? Why and how will that help them if they can instantly find the answer online? There might be a valid reason…memorization is not all bad…but something else needs to be emphasized: the reasoning, the connections, the thinking, the reflecting.

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