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Session: Projects for Large K-5 Classes in a Computer Lab

Elin Kordahl, Portland Public Schools

Web Resources (Guest name: elin)

Elin is showing several sites that she likes to use in the lab with the kids she sees. She’s using Portaportal as an online bookmarking tool.Elin’s top sites:

Magnetized icons…Print the application icon, laminate it, and stick magnets on the back. Then stick it to the white board. Students know what is going to be used that day…no more “What are we going to do today?”

Create animations using artPad.

Download and use TuxPaint for student drawing and creating. It’s a free, open-source product that runs on all platforms.

Back to using images…United Streaming now has a collection of searchable images to use in projects.

That’s pretty much all of it.  My browser went whacko at the end so I missed something.  However, Elin had a lot of simple ideas that could be reproduced by any elementary teacher.  Nothing too fancy, but doable.


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