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Session: iPodagogy: Handheld Technology with a Scottish Education Framework

Ruth Johnstone, City of Edinburgh Council with Stephanie Ho, Jade Malone, Steven Moore, Stephen Rafferty, David Rough, Richard Thomson and Fareeha Younis
iPodagogy Blog

(Scottish accents are so cool…)

Teachers and students from Scotland are using iPods at their school. Their project was initially met with both excitment and trepidation by both students and teachers.

How can iPods be used?

  • Podcasting via RSS feed
  • Audio recording, lesson marterials
  • 1 to 1 learning tool

They used the iPods across the curriculum:


  • Images on ipods
  • Pupil recorded thoughts
  • Shared their recordings


  • Collaboration with Art
  • Instant recording
  • Replacement for CD player…you can add text to the songs for students to consider
  • Self assessment…students recording themselves over time and seeing their progression

Craft & Design Technology (sounds like wood shop)

  • Created podcasts enhanced with PowerPoint to describe the process of creating a project


  • Listening to archived material and answering questions or performing various exercises
  • Interviewing
  • Podcasting…example of a podcast of how children were sent away from the cities during World War II.

Physical Education

  • Viewing flash animations of basketball plays


  • Initially te struggled for something to do…
  • Used the iPod note reader
  • Podcasting…in general, teachers really like podcasting because of the process students have to go through in order to produce one.


  • Tried to integrate the built-in planner integrated with StudyWiz
  • Podcasts

Modern Languages

  • Record students speaking…rehearsing a speech
  • Self assessment


  • Using photographs and iLingo

Lessons Learned

  • More work for teachers and students
  • Existing (old) hardware makes things difficult
  • Students don’t always act like “digital natives”
  • But when it works, it really works well
  • Media rich learning experiences
  • Authoring for the iPod is “straightforward”
  • Opportunities to extend learning beyond the school
  • Promotes cross-curricular collaboration…this was a surprise
  • Promotes new pedagogical approaches…teachers are trying new strategies…teachers are more open

As they extend their project, they plan on looking at how cell phones could be used in addition to/instead of iPods.

Students comments…”What was the best part of the project?”

  • You could use it for your own use…musics etc…not just schoolwork
  • Making podcasts with friends
  • Classwork was more enjoyable
  • Students could outsmart the teachers
  • Getting to come to San Diego

Great presentation…very well organized.  I appreciated the examples from each curricular area.  It’s not just the “computer teacher,” but has penetrated throughout the curriculum.

Another comment on podcasting specifically…the presenters spoke of the process of podcasting.  That’s where the power of podcasting lies.  You can’t simply turn on the mic and start talking.  There’s research, writing, review, rewriting, practicing, etc.  And that’s where the learning is truly developed and enhanced.


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