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Session: Visual Learning and Generation M

David Thornburg

(My comments in italics.)
Throught the new media we have the capabilities to do things we weren’t able to do before…that’s the premise.

Ideas can’t be blocked anymore…there’s nothing to stop them. The new technologies allow for all types of communication and interaction.

Schools spend 13 years on reading and writing, but how many years on media literacy. We teach how to criticize writing, but not film…evaluate poetry, but not art. Traditional modalities are completely different from visual media. A “picture is worth a thousand words” doesn’t make sense because they’re simply different. Words can’t describe many images.

The Library of Congress American Memory contains many images available. But the best place to get images is for students to take them themselves.
Choice leads to personalization or resources. Today’s students have choice…thousands of web pages, iPod playlists, and more. They’re expecting this type of choice in the classroom. How can we give it to them?

Because of the printing press, images were too expensive and text was the norm. We became to view knowledge as needing to be written down. What are the impacts of choice?

Are we doing things differently or doing different things?
Mediacy Skills need to be taught.

  • Esthetics
  • Mechanics
  • Communication skills

David seemed to lose some focus…but the gist of the presentation was good. There is a new literacy that technology has given use the time and ability to help teach to students and it’s time that our system display the flexibility necessary in order to do so.


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