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Worksheets, spreadsheets, and tables

I apologize for not sending these out yesterday…I left my laptop at home and so was somewhat handicapped. However, I know this will only make your Tuesday that much better. 🙂

  • Early elementary teachers should be happy with these handwriting worksheets. The site allows you to create practice sheets for any level.

For those of you who may think Google is taking over the world here’s two more sites:

  • You can now upload or create your own spreadsheets online with Google Spreadsheets. Why would you want to? To share data with another class, to have data available anywhere there’s a computer, to allow students to work between school and home, what else?
  • Use Google to search the complete works of Shakespeare. No more thumbing through that really big book!
  • Take a look at these short videos from NOVA’s ScienceNOW series.
  • If you don’t teach Chemistry, you think “Why another Periodic Table?” If you do teach Chemistry, then you say, “Look at this cool Periodic Table !”

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