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Day of Discovery Resources

Here’s a list of the web resources that were shared during the Day of Discovery:

From Steve Dembo’s “The New Permanent Record” presentation:

From Steve Dembo’s “Glass Schools” presentation:

Whew!  Lots of resources!


5 Responses

  1. It was great to see everyone so engaged. Kristin and Steve did a great job. Please take advantage of the resources listed here and let us know if we can assist!

  2. Many thanks for bringing together educators around REMC 11 to share and discover together. The Day is just a first step. The challenge is to choose a few resources and run with them right back to your school and classroom. Share them with your students and teachers!

  3. I saw on the TV a small amount of a film, I think the name was “From Vengence to Forgiveness”, but I didn’t write it down, so I don’t remember. How can I get more information on this?

  4. From Vengeance to Forgiveness — Jake DeShazer’s Extraordinary Journey
    you can find more about this at http://www.dod.org

  5. Thank you for the wonderful program you are showing on Africa and the Bible. I admire your courage. When I tried to teach it at college, I lost my job.
    Bonita Evans, Ph.D.

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