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Today is a Day of Discovery!

Today Kristin Furdak, Michigan Field Manager from Discovery Communications, is leading about 50 educators in a Day of Discovery. At the moment she demonstrating the new features of unitedstreaming. A couple of the features I think are nice is the ability for teachers to customize their home page or create assignments for students. It’s fortunate that we’re able to have Kristin here…there have been many pertinent questions asked.

Later today we will be hearing from Steve Dembo, who will talk about The New Permanent Record. It’s interesting that we have several other workshops going on at the ISD today and I’ve had many of those participants ask if they can come and listen to his talk. More information to come.


2 Responses

  1. ooooo, once again I’m very jealous Kevin. I haven’t seen anything yet from our ISD about technology workshops, but then again I haven’t been looking too hard either with everything else going on.

    Can’t wait to see Kristin at MACUL in March and learn more UnitedStreaming’s new features.

  2. It’s been a good day…the Discovery stuff is great, but I’m really glad that they’re listening to Steve Dembo. I suspect it’ll get them thinking a bit.

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