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Workshops, Wubrics, Writer…

Happy New Year! I had the Christmas Break hangover yesterday, but am trying to get back on track!

  • You should be receiving our workshop flyer this week. There are several new offerings such as Google Earth Goodness and Digital Storytelling. You can also see what’s available here. If you have questions regarding any workshops please let me know.
  • Register to recieve one of 50,000 copies of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s somewhat controversial movie about global warming.
  • In all our classes, we advocate using online rubric creators such as Rubistar to create assessment tools for your projects. The Rubric Machine is now another option…it’s been redesigned and allows you to search for the rubrics of other teachers as well as create your own.
  • Another possibility for online word processors is Zoho Writer. You can create and save documents in MS Word format or PDF as well as work entirely online.
  • C-Span (One of the most interesting channels to watch on the tube) has created a new C-Span Classroom site with resources for Civics and Government teachers.

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