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Picnik, flakes, and Zamzar (it’s just fun to say)

  • You’ve seen Wikipedia, but what about Wiktionary?  It’s an online dictionary created by users.  Easy to have your students contribute to.
  • The number of applications available online is growing every day.  Picnik is an online photo editing tool.  Upload your photos, remove red-eye, crop, and apply effects.  No installation necessary.
  • Secondary teachers may find this Guide to Writing Well helpful as a resource for students.
  • Zamzar looks like a great tool…someone just asked me for a way to convert one type of file to another.  For example, change a Word Document to a PDF.  Convert documents, images, music, and video.
  • I love snow.  It’s snowing right now.  Since your students are all looking out the window at the snow, why don’t you use SnowCrystals.com and its Guide to Snowflakes to go outside and take a look at these little wonders.  The author is the chair of the physics department at Caltech so he must be smart.

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