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From the Connecting & Collaborating Conference

Today I’m at the Ottawa Area ISD at the Connecting & Collaborating Conference.  What a day!  The conference was filled to capacity with educators who are interested in learning about cutting edge tools and strategies.  I know there were several people around that weren’t able to attend, so let me draw your attention to the conference wiki.  This wiki has links and resources from all the presenters, and although it’s not the same as being in the sessions, it’s still worthwhile to visit the wiki.  One reason is that in most cases participants are overwhelmed with so much information that they can’t assimilate it all at once.  The wiki is a repository for those resources and collective knowledge.

The wiki is hosted by PBwiki, which I’ve highlighted before.  They very kindly upped the storage space since I mentioned that they have removed Google Ads from all their educational blogs.  Thanks!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the list of valuable free resources. I appreciated your presentation. You mentioned Zoho…Have you looked at ThinkFree.com?

  2. I had at one time looked briefly at ThinkFree, but it was a while ago. It looks very promising. These new resources are wonderful!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and thanks for your kinds words!

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