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New Tools from CCC

These resources come from presentations at the Connecting & Collaborating Conference I attended last Friday in Holland. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there to explore!

  • Jamglue is an online audio mixer. Record and upload your own audio to create a mix of your own for multimedia projects etc.
  • I mentioned Zoho Writer back in January…it’s an online word processor just like Word, except you can work from anywhere since it’s online. Well add to that a whole list of other online apps like spreadsheets, presentations, planner, and more with the Zoho Office Suite.
  • scrapblog1.jpgYou can make your own digital scrapbook with Scrapblog. It’s very easy and the results are awesome!
  • These two whiteboard applications are a blast. Imagination Cubed and skrbl allow you to collaborate online using a whiteboard-like interface. Again…simple and easy!
  • Webnote is a page that you can quickly, uh, add notes to. Quickly create a page and add sticky-like boxes and put in your notes. They’ll stay online for you forever.

3 Responses

  1. […] links on my Teacher’s page include a new site I just read about in Kevin Clark’s blog called Jamglue; Making Tracks from the BBC; and the music section of […]

  2. Thanks for sharing about Jamglue. As you can see, I’ve included it in a post (crediting you, of course) about creating online music in the context of helping English language development.

    I’ve also recently posted about how how one of the other applications you mentioned — Imagination Cubed — can specifically help English Language Learners:


    And thanks for your regularly helpful and thoughtful posts!

  3. Thank you, Larry, for sharing some of your students’ work. I loved watching the process of creating the solar system. I could almost hear the students thinking to themselves as they created each planet.

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