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If they don’t know, they’ll have a go…

To go along with my last post about creativity, Patrick Malley shared a post of his that highlights a video presentation by Ken Robinson. It’s a short (18 minutes), very entertaining, and highly relevant look at the educational systems of the world and their need to foster creativity.

While speaking about children and their positive attitudes, he stated this simple adage:

If they don’t know, they’ll have a go.

What did he mean? Basically that kids are willing to “have a go,” to try something out, even if they’re not sure what the results will be.

That’s so much different than the perspectives most adults have. I see it in almost every workshop I lead…there’s at least one person who doesn’t want to click because they don’t know what’s going to happen if they do. I see myself asking future participants to take a pre-workshop oath:

oath.jpg I, (insert name of participant), do solemnly promise that if I do not know, I’ll simply have a go.


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