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Us/ing, ide@s, e-Learning…

  • Normally I might point you to something more practical, but this video is worth watching. The Machine is Us/ing Us is only about four minutes long, but it’s an interesting look at how today’s Internet is not what it once was…it’s better.
  • Since I’m not quite practical yet, visit the Mii Editor (pronounced ‘me’) and create a face for your self. Or have your students create their friend’s face. Or the face of a famous person. Or the cast of Romeo and Juliet. I know you can find a creative use for this fun tool.
  • e-Learning for Kids features several web lessons and activities for younger students and their teachers.
  • We hear about science everyday in the news, but may not recognize it. The Why Files provides science background taken from current event stories.
  • ide@s is a site from Wisconsin that provides educators with “teacher-reviewed, standards-aligned lessons, interactive tools, video, and other resources…” Check out the videos…especially the science demonstrations. This is an awesome site!

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