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Math, Magnets, and the Future…

Weekly Web Wonders

Well, the school year has finally arrived…the first week is now only a memory. Here are some lovely resources to help you and your students take advantage of your available technology.

  • I really couldn’t start the year without letting you all know that there are new National Educational Technology Standards. They’ve changed a bit and now take into account some of the communication tools and resources that are becoming more and more available.
  • MathTrax is a graphing tool for middle and high schoolers. The graphs have descriptions and sound so that they are accessible for low vision students.
  • Big Brown Software has a few online activities for young students, including Magnetic Letters and Magnetic Numbers. It’s like having a refrigerator in the classroom.
  • The web is a great source of primary resources that keeps getting larger as time goes on. Check out Primary Source Learning.
  • The Futures Channel has many movies and activities that “deliver hands-on, real world math and science lessons to your classroom.”

And thanks, Jim, for noticing that things have been slow around here. I hope to remedy that soon!


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