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Weekly Web Wonders SE


Yes, it’s the Special Google Edition of Weekly Web Wonders. Google is the source of such a plethora of great free tools that they are hard to ignore. Check these out! Keep in mind is that you have to have a Google Account to access some of these tools, but it’s free and easy to do.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Not only can these tools create and edit documents online, making them available everywhere, but they also allow many people to edit them at the same
time. They’re incredible collaboration tools! Keep your heads up for online Presentations. (Google Account needed) Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Google Calendar

googlecal.jpgI’m going to make the assumption that there are events happening in your classroom, building, and district…I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Use Google Calendar to share assignments, due dates, activities, summary of the day’s events, or whatever with students and, just an importantly, their parents. You’ll be loved! (Google Account needed)

Google Notebook

Both you and your students could benefit from this tool. Google Notebook allows you to clip and save text and images from the web and organize them into notebooks. This is great for research because Google Notebook keeps track of the web addresses from which you save content. (Google Account needed)

Google Earth

Most of you probably know about Google Earth. It’s a continually evolving product…check out these new
features and important resources.

  • Explore the stars within Google Earth with its new Sky feature. Zoom to distant nebulae, view constellations, explore the universe! Very cool.
  • Fly around the world in the new Flight Simulator mode.
  • Like GE but don’t know what to do with it? Check out these Educational Uses for Literature, Science, History, and Geography.
  • Predict the weather (you’ll probably do as well as the TV folks) with the Best Storm Tracking and Weather Tools.

Google Scholar

If you have your students perform research using scholarly journals etc., then take advantage or Google Scholar. It searches papers, abstracts and citations on diverse topics.

Google News Archive

Do what you’d think…search archives of newspapers and other publications for people or events. Google can arrange the results in a timeline to show when relevant events occurred through time. Nice! Google News Archive

Timeline View


You can create a timeline for any Google search. Just add view:timeline after any search terms. For example, Michigan history view:timeline.

Google Book Search

Google is in the process of digitizing the entire world…well, lots of books anyway, and you can search their text. Search entire books, especially classics, or view excerpts and other books related to your search. Google Book Search


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