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Halloween Science, Sketchcasting and Very Small Things…

Weekly Web Wonders

Don’t forget that tomorrow is National Boss Day!

  • I wouldn’t normally include something that you have to pay for, but these Halloween Science Recipes from Steve Spangler Science are pretty awesome. This site includes videos as well, which are free and fun to watch.
  • If you present from your computer to your class or if you have any visually impaired students, check out this utility from Microsoft called ZoomIt. Great for demonstrations.
  • If you don’t have your own electron microscope, then take a look at The Virtual Microscope. There are a ton of images here!
  • I’ve had a fun time playing with Sketchcast, it’s a site that lets you record your voice while you draw or write on a whiteboard-like space. (Check out mine, even though it’s bad.) Students could record presentations or teachers could record explanations of what’s going on in class. The sketches can be shared with students and teachers on the web. It’s worth looking at!
    Check out all of the Weekly Web Wonders on del.icio.us (as in “That tastes good!”). Del.icio.us is an online bookmark tool that users can share with the world. I’ve placed all the Weekly Web Wonders online in my account for anyone to find. You can set up your own del.icio.us account and create bookmarks to share with your students.Note: I wrote that for the email recipients…if you’re reading this and want to see all the Weekly Web Wonders, just click at the left of the left-hand column here on this page to be directed to the same place.

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