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Scratching Animals, Elections, and Facts…

Weekly Web Wonders

  • The University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web allows students to browse through the Animal Kingdom to view characteristics, specimen examples, images, and more.  Also included are teacher resources and lessons.
  • Even though it’s an off year, tomorrow is still Election Day and therefore it’s only one year until next year’s presidential election.  The National Student/Parent Mock Election site will be useful to secondary classes they may be already discussing the national races.
  • MIT has created a free application called Scratch. By stacking blocks together, students can create stories, games, and animations and then share them on the web.  Check out the examples and then let your kids go!
  • The CIA Factbook has been a great online reference for a long time, but now you can take advantage of Google Earth by downloading this interactive file.
  • I’ve been waiting a bit on this one, but this week’s a little bare, so let me pass on to you Animoto.  Animoto is a free site that allows you to create slideshows or presentations just by uploading or linking to pictures.  You choose the music and then Animoto mixes it all together to create a unique video.  It’s simple (and fun!) and well worth looking into.

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