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Geography, Rock, and Polls…

Weekly Web Wonders

  • Believe it or not, Geography Awareness Week is already upon us. My Wonderful World highlights a variety of activities and resources for all levels.
  • Free is a good thing and if I pass a resource to you then I try to avoid those that aren’t. This one is trying to sell you some stuff (which isn’t bad), but also has a few, very fun resources for free. Flocabulary is a group that uses hip-hop to teach vocabulary, history, SAT prep etc. What’s cool is that you can download several full length songs for free. Titles include “Let Freedom Ring,” “Ghosts of the Civil War,” and the “Declaration of Independence.” It’s like Schoolhouse Rock for a new generation.Schoolhouse Rock
  • Speaking of Schoolhouse Rock, you can see all the old classics on YouTube or TeacherTube. If you want your students to sing along then check out the Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics site.
  • There are lots of projects for which students (and teachers) collect data via a survey. Next time use ZoHo Polls, a free online tool that’s quick and easy to use.
  • Don’t like students using Wikipedia? Well, Veropedia is a little different. Veropedia lists articles from Wikipedia that have been cleaned up, edited, and most importantly verified. The articles can not be edited. “The result is a quality stable version that can be trusted by students, teachers, and anyone else who is looking for top-notch, reliable information.”

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