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Typo, Threads, and Clues…

Weekly Web Wonders

  • It’s hard to explain what a VoiceThread is, but think online story maker where you can add pictures, voice recording, audio files, and video from your web cam. Then you put it all together and share with everyone online. It’s easy, but very powerful as well.
  • This is an odd tool, but one you could use to dress up a publication or presentation. The typoGenerator basically makes a graphic out of whatever you type. No two are the same…here’s an example:


  • You too can make your own wildlife films with National Geographic’s Wildlife Filmmaker. There are a limited amount of clips to use, but you can also create captions…making this an easy online story creator.
  • TerraClues is a cool site in which you solve puzzles by hunting for clues on Google Maps. In addition, you can create your own Hunt and share it with everyone else. They have a special School section just for…you know, schools.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary Online is an easy to use, browsable (That’s not really a word, but you can smell what I’m cookin’.) site with “more than 20,000 terms with full definitions” and “more than 6,000 stunning illustrations.” Very nice.

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