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vozMe, Elf Yourself…

Weekly Web Wonders

This is it!  The last school week of the year…2007!  I hope everyone has a great break and enjoys their Christmas and New Year.

  • If you haven’t seen this passed around yet, then get out the digital camera and Elf Yourself.
  • This is a pretty cool tool.  Simply enter in your text and vozMe will create an MP3 and read it back to you.  This would be great as an editing tool for student writing.  Have the vozMe read it back to you and actually listening to what you’re writing.
  • It’s hard to beat video for science demonstrations…take a look at Science on the Brain.  Some of the video are on YouTube (watch from home), but many are not.
  • With all the pictures you’ll be taking over the break, it’s a good time to learn about Flickr.  Flickr allows you to upload and share photos with anyone.  It’s the most popular so it works with the most gadgets…like those wireless digital picture frames.  Here’s a tutorial for getting started using Flickr.

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