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Tiny, Bitesize, and Teen Writing…

Weekly Web Wonders

Happy New Year! I suspect that you’re all a little fuzzy-headed this morning after not having to get up so early for two weeks. Once the fog clears, check out these great sites and resources.

  • Keep your eyes open for our Spring 2008 Tech Integration Workshops flyer…it should be making it’s way around this week. You can also see it online as a PDF or visit BCISD’s Professional Development Catalog.
  • Google and Writing for Teens have partnered together to help teach writing with Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs. Resources included are tutorials, articles, and a teaching guide.
  • The American Chemical Society has launched Bytesize Science, an educational, entertaining podcast for young listeners. There are already 12 episodes that can help instruct, spark discussion, and spark interest in science.
  • tinygraphs.pngAnyone who uses numbers of any type will like TinyGraphs. It’s a little Excel add-in (FREE, of course) that automatically graphs a row of data and puts it in a single cell. It’s hard to describe, but once you see a picture you’ll recognize its potential. Here’s a quick snapshot, but visit the site for more.
  • Are you looking for more materials for your advanced high school students? Check out MIT OpenCourseWare, a free publication of course materials used at MIT. Get lecture notes, problem sets, labs, lecture videos and demonstrations. Tons of stuff here!

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