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Keeping Time, Growing Up, Gickr…

Weekly Web Wonders

  • Back when I took piano lessons, I hated metronomes.  However, I love the Metronome Online which you can set from Largo to Prestissimo with a simply click.  (That’s really slow to really fast for you non-music people!)
  • This past week PBS aired a FRONTLINE episode entitled, “Growing Up Online.”  The program (obviously) focuses on today’s kids and the Internet, covering various topics.  You can watch the entire show online as well as take advantage of supplementary materials.
  • Exploratree offers many types of visual thinking guides that can help students and teachers think through many types of issues or problems.  Even if you don’t use the online versions, there are several ideas of how to approach problem solving activities.
  • Career explorers can add BioWorksU to their list of resources.  This interactive tool focuses on careers in biotechnology and health care and is appropriate for 4th grade on up.
  • Gickr (I have no idea what that stands for.) is a free tool that lets you create animated GIF images.  You can use the images on web pages, blogs, wikis, etc.

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  1. […] REMC Ramblings posted today about a nice site helping young people explore careers in biotechnology and health care.    It’s called BioWorks U, and has lots of interactives and some audio support for text.  The language is pretty simple, too. […]

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