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Weekly Web Wonder Webbies

This week’s Wonders are all nominees to receive Webby Awards.  The Webbies are probably the most prestigious web site award and represent the best of the Web.

  • Sometimes these links a little math/science heavy, so social studies teachers listen up!  American RadioWorks produces radio documentaries for both public radio and the Internet which you can download, listen to, and read transcripts.  Topics are both current historical.
  • Here’s a game worth investigating…use it to spark classroom discussion…and perhaps go farther.  World Without Oil simulates the first 32 weeks of a global oil crisis and asks the simple question, “What if?”
  • Sharkrunners is a game of oceanic exploration and high stakes shark research. Players take on the role of sharkrunners: daring and adventurous marine biologists who seek to learn as much as possible about sharks through advanced observation techniques.  This game was developed by The Discovery Channel to coincide with Shark Week.
  • This is an interesting site for parent as well as elementary teachers.  Handipoints is a site where students can collect online points for completing chores, homework, and simply lending others a hand.  It’s basically a reward system where points are collected and can be “spent” online…but the work is done in real life.  Pretty cool.
  • FactCheckEd is an educational resource for high school teachers and students. It’s  designed to help students learn to cut through the fog of misinformation and deception that surrounds the many messages they’re bombarded with every day.  With politics in full swing this year it’s worth checking out.

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