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Free Animoto, Timelines, Sprouts…

  • I’ve highlighted Animoto before…Animoto is an online tool that lets you create short, simple video collages.  The news is that Animoto is giving away their All-Access Pass to teachers and their students.  Now you’ll be able to download and save movies as well as create longer movies.  All for free, of course.  What a deal!
  • We love to make timelines…they quickly summarize events through the years.  So then, xtimeline is going to make you very happy because you can use it to create and share good looking timelines with text, images, video, etc.
  • There’s a lot to see under the lens at the Microscope Imaging Station.  Besides cool images, this site contains full articles about the tiny things that you’re looking at.
  • Water is one of the most important substances on the planet.  Take an in depth look at dihydrogen monoxide and how it affects our lives on this site from the American Museum of Natural History.
  • PBS Kids Sprout has games, recipes, craft ideas and more for young students

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